Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And when the worrying starts to hurt and when the words feel like graves of dirt.

Today I wanted to write a rather happy post but then I turned on the TV, MTV to be exact, and there was this news bar and it said "because of the tragic incident in Winningen there is a change of programme. In memory of the victims etc." and I was like "wtf" so I quickly looked it up in the internet and read that there was a man/boy running amok in a town called Winningen in the south of Germany. And then again I remembered what I heard on the radio today, that there was someone running amok in Alabama, too, and I wasn't only shocked because of the fact that many had been killed but also that I had heard the news in the morning and forgot about it soonly afterwards. I mean, how scary can that be? 
Of course you can't always be caring about people dying somewhere in the world, I think I would be deeply depressed all my life, but still...that made me think.
On youtube there are some parodies about amok and that made me angry. It is in fact ridiculous to blame video games and Marylin Manson, but it is not an issue to laugh about. Two amok runs on the same day - crazy.
I remember a few weeks ago there was a threatening letter from a girl who pretended that she wanted to run amok (that was at the school across the street) but it was fake and she was expelled, of course. 
I did a presentation about amok once, and I read a book about it, well it was like an interview with fake persons and they retold the whole story. I also watched "Bowling for Columbine" by Michael Moore (love him) and read everything I could find about the Columbine High School Massacre. Just watching the camera footage from the cafeteria in that High School while listening to all these emergency recordings where you can hear the shots in the background makes me cry (again see the Moore film. I tried to convince some friends to watch it with me, but they wouldn't. Guess it's just not something you wanna spend your free time with.). Not much fun to do, but extremely interesting. You should at least watch Bowling for Columbine once or read the book "Give a boy a gun". I have it in english and in german so if you know me feel free to ask me for borrowing either one (or both).
Now MTV is playing music videos which is even better than their "normal" programme, and they just played "Song to say Goodbye" by Placebo which I think is one of the best and probably the saddest music video ever produced.
I have to continue working on that essay thing for school, so talk to you later. 

Today's title taken from Shut your eyes by Snow Patrol. Good one.

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Vaios said...

It felt so weird when we talked today in english about exactly Alabama/Montgomery where it all happened.