Saturday, February 28, 2009

That's why I'm easy, I'm easy like Sunday morning

Sorry for the long pause...Somehow, I just didn't find the time to post anything.
Well, there's a lot to tell! 
Jason Mraz is coming to my town for a concert! I found out last Sunday in the internet, his concert is on March 12, quite strange because whenever there is a concert they announce it everywhere in the radio and on posters in the city. So on Sunday there still were tickets, but when I had asked some people in school if they wanted to come and I had a look at the page in the afternoon, all tickets were gone! I kinda freaked out but didn't lose hope because my dad works in this (music-) business and he phoned a few people but he doesn't know anybody who works at the Jason Mraz tour...yeah so now I'm gonna call the concert company of my town if there's any chance of buying tickets at the cash box in front of the concert hall. It would be so sad if I missed that concert! =(
I can almost oficially say that my surf camp is booked, only that I haven't booked it yet because I wanna do it together with my parents because of some contractual stuff. I'll try today. But I'm definitely going and SOOO excited! 
I'm also going to Dublin with my english course which I'm kinda looking forward to but still not a 100% convinced about. There had been a lot of discussions about it in the past because it was/is too expensive, but we're trying to collect money to alleviate that a bit.
The weather is still S-H-I-T. We had 1 or 2 days of sun, inmediately followed by rain. Whenever the sun is out, if only for an hour or two, everybody's quite happy. The worst point was on thursday, when I had my rugby training and it was raining and cold and the wind was blowing without mercy. We ran around a bit, practised some moves for the match on Sunday and my mood got really bad. I just can't wait for spring to come, actually I want summer, but spring's still better than this "can't-decide-if-I-wanna-be-autumn-or-winter-or-spring"-climate. I hope it'll be a hot summer as the winter was extremely cold (for german conditions). I want my tan back ^^ 
I already told my mom that, as soon as the sun and the warmth is back, I'd be the first to hang out by the pool in some lido. 
Oh, and I almost forgot: A DVD which I actually got for christmas (but it wasn't available) has finally arrived: The Endless Summer 2! Wohoo. I watched it as soon as I had unpacked it and love it! I must say that 1 & 2 are both really good, some say 2 is even better but I like the first better, can't say why. In the second they visit new spots as well as some the ones from the first ones had surfed and there are some surprises about it...the second one shows of course a lot of advanced surfing and stars like Kelly Slater, but one thing I loved about The Endless Summer 1 was that it is from the 60's, when in the biggest part of the world nobody even knew what was surfing and they still had those huge longboards with no leashes or anything "high-tech". And still they had some fascinating skills and maneuvers.
I gotta go now, we're having breakfast...I think I'l watch The Endless Summer 2 afterwards =)

/Edit/: N E W S F L A S H: *Oh happy day* I just wanted to book the surfcamp together with my mom and I filled in the form at the computer and she read "optional extra week" and asked me if I didn't want to do 2 weeks...what a question, I mean OF COURSE! We made a deal about the payment and now I can say that I'm not doing 1 week of surfcamp (which I would have been perfectly happy about, as you know), no it's two freakin' weeks!! WOOOOHOO. I could scream out loud. Can't wait! I'm gonna work even more so I have enough money to pay everything! Yea well I guess it's good to go for 2 weeks as my next trip will probably be next year...when I'm going to Costa Rica to visit my host fam. Just wanted to let you know =P


Cate said...

Oh, you told me about Jason Mraz! I wish I could come with you!
Well, I'm really looking forward to our Kursfahrt... And I'm sure you will have loads of fun on your Kursfahrt too.
I don't have a problem with the weather (yet). But I also hope that the summer will be hot, because you're right, the winter was really cold for German standards.
Wow, that DVD took long to arrive.
The Endless Summer 1 sounds good!
Cool that you're going to visit your host family too!
Love you!

♫ Vii ♫ said...

jason Mraz?
He was showing 2 days ago on java jazz jam in here.
He was AMAZING....