Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Have you ever been at some place recognizing everybody's face until you realized that there was no one there you knew

Hey there =)

Haven't updated in a while, sorry for that...I'll do that now (duh).
Easter break is over, our hockey team won (yes!) and the weather is getting better and better. We had sunny warm temperatures over the last weeks but it started to rain today, just a little. 
Today I'm so tired it's crazy, I came home from school and fell asleep..that's because I worked on a presentation about "sentimentalism" (german literature) until 0:30 am last night, yes, I know, my own fault because I was too lazy to finish it until Monday =) 
The presentation was a success, and now I'm trying to stay awake, otherwise I'll just wake up in the middle of the night.
So I'm doing my english homework (apart from now, of course, as I'm writing here) while I'm watching Thunderbirds (2003), a very trashy Sci-Fi movie which is just perfect to do homeworks at the same time because I don't have to concentrate on the movie and still know what's going on. 
There's three kids and I still don't exactly know what they're up to, but right now they're going through a jungle and they went through burning tunnels and fired with big slime machines to fight the bad guys. I think they're kinda trying to save the one kid's dad...something like that. The science kid is funny, he has allergies =) Ugh, now one has got a huge scorpion on his shoulder. Gross. Traumatic memories! Uhm...the girl just moved away the scorpion with some magic force using her eyes - they turned yellow.
That is what I call a good movie!

Today's title: Have you ever by The Offspring

Monday, April 13, 2009

We've been on the run driving in the sun looking out for number 1...

Best High School Musical parody =D (Saturday Night Live)

How was your easter break? Mine was great. Even though I worked almost every day, I spent lots of quality time with friends and family, and went to hockey matches every now and then. Today is THE one, if we win this, we'll finally leave Oberliga behind...

Today's title taken from...guess =) It is really easy!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

They got the mouth - we got the soul

Here is a video of/about my favourite hockey team. We made it to the play-offs, it's "best of five" and so far the series is 1:1. Today is the next big match, in our town, and I'm nervous already!

You have to know that it's not the average hockey club. Once you go there, you're never gonna let go. It is very emotional, because all the fans support their team and they support you. The atmosphere is like no other. The video only shows a tiny piece of what is really going on during, before and after a hockey match of the Indians.

Today's title taken from: Stand up by Jet.
Because Jet is more than "Are you gonna be my girl".

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So much for the street lights, they're never gonna guide you home

I went home after the second lesson today because I didn't feel very well. I had a rugby 7's tournament on Sunday, and the weather there was very changeful: We had sun, rain, warmth, terrible cold...that was strange. And yesterday I went to my rugby training and we had a hurricane warning (don't think of a big hurricane here, in Germany there normally aren't such things) and it was raining and cold and, of course, windy (but not as bad) and I think my sickness is the result of that.
What am I doing now? I have been sleeping until like half an hour ago, and now I'm watching a concert DVD of David Bisbal, a spanish singer.  I don't like all of his songs, but Silencio is very catchy and puts you into a good mood. He's the typical summer-music-maker, and right now he's performing a song with this typical spanish guitar in the background and outsde it's stormy and dark haha. A friend of mine lend me this DVD, and she also gave me copies of the two albums Sam's Town and Hot Fuss by The Killers. I haven't listened to the first one so far, but Hot Fuss is great. It includes hits like Somebody told me, Mr. Brightside and Smile like you mean it. I can't remember where or when I heard of The Killers first, but I think I saw them in The OC. Anyways, they're great, and if you still haven't listened to them (which I doubt, because Human and Spaceman are huge at the moment) you definitely should try =)
My mom bought me a Hibiscus as a "Get-well-gift" =D I was really happy about that...all 
the buds are still closed but my mom says its yellow with red in the middle so I'm looking forward to finally getting to see it! 
As you might already know, I LOVE Hibiscus, it's my favourite flower (closely followed by the tiare flower). I bought one two weeks ago, here you can see the flower that is open right now:
The last thing for today: David Bisbal knows how to sing, but he obviously doesn't know how to dance xD

Today's title taken from Big Sur by The Thrills

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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