Saturday, February 7, 2009

This is who I am and this is what I like: GC, Sum and Blink and MxPx rockin' my room

Try to include the videos in between to make the text work =) Have fun!

Do you know Lilly Truscott? Or Emily Osment? No? (Say) What?

Let me introduce you to the one and only tomboy-girlie-girl-skater-surf-nerd-cool-kid Lilly (Lillian) Truscott, played by Emily Osment. She's a character in Hannah Montana and thanks to my little sister I got to "know" her about two years ago. Say what you want, Hannah Montana 

(okay, does it sound weird to you now, too?) can really be funny sometimes (as well as lame for the rest of the time) and Lilly is responsible for about 70% of the funny parts. 
But it's not only the things she says or does, it's what she wears: Colorful, skate, surf, but still not too tomboyish - that's what I always wanted. Okay, you really can't describe my "style" as colorful, but I'm working on it =) 
Let's have a look on some of my favourite outfits of her from Hannah Montana Season 1:

Some more facts about Lily: She's Miley Stewart's a.k.a. Hannah Montana's best friend, together with Oliver Oken. She also hangs out with him a lot, doing "guy's stuff" like playing ice/street hockey, bodyboarding, surfing etc.
With Miley she likes to go shopping, talk about boys, go to the beach and help her get out of/into trouble. When she's with Hannah Montana, she dresses up as Lola Luftnagle (to keep the secret), always wearing different colorful wigs and some crazy outfit that goes with it, trying out new styles (80's, 60's, funky, goth a.s.o.). Even before she knew her best friend was a popstar, she had been a huge Hannah Montana fan, her mum is played by Heather Locklear
and she's always up for a joke with Miley's dad, Billy Ray, former country star (...seeing Billy Ray on TV: "Mr. Stewart, you were amazing! What happened?!!)
My favourite scene is when her dog ate her contact lenses and she runs around like a blind fish:
Emily Osment did quite a good job on performing, I'm no big fan of her might also know her as the mean little girl from Spy Kids 2 & 3 who could fly by using her pig tails, but you have to know her older brother Haley Osment. He was the protagonist in "The Sixth Sense" with Bruce Willis (great movie by the way, with throwing-up little Mischa Barton as "dead" guest star! =P)..If you haven't seen it...then watch it - within 5 seconds xD

Yep, that's pretty much the whole movie xD

So thumbs up for Lilly Truscott - here are some of her best moments:

Today's title is from Grow up by Simple Plan. (Special video today because of today's topic :-P)


Vaios said...

das maedchen war eben bei zack&cody!!!glaub ich zumindest...ich verwechsle disneygirls immer xD

Cate said...

The girl in the first picture is "ellie" from
I've heard the names, Lilly Truscott, Emily Osment, but I don't really know who they are...
Miley Cyrus's voice sounds like a man's voice ^^
Those videos are really freaky ^^ I can see what you meant about the words sounding freaking to you after watching them ^^
Is Lilly Ellie? Or is Ellie Emily Osment? Because in the collage they don't really look alike [the collage girl and the girl in the first picture, I mean] :) Did you make the collage yourself? Good job!
Oh ya. I know the song in the third video! It's by Avril Lavigne, isn't it? In that video she looks more like Ellie though ^^ I can't help it, I will always be thinking of her as Ellie ^^ That's why she looks nice to me too.
Oh ya. I see. It's not Lilly, it's Emily ^^ Same as Vaios, I always confuse those Disney-girls ^^
Miley Cyrus sounds soooo scary!!! Like the grudge!!!!! :D >She is so loud I'm surprised that their parents on't hear her when she says "They're gonna get married".
Oh, I see they still show Lizzie McGuire in America? Lol.
I'm glad we don't have bitch-fights like that at our school.
Hey, in the last video there was that guy from High School Musical, for about a second ^^

OH! I just understood! Lilly Truscott and Emily Osment are the same person!! So Lilly is her Hannah-Montana-name! *dingggg*

I like her cheerleading, though. I wanna be able to flip like that.

You little Hannah Montana fan :) It seems to be contagious! :D

I don't wanna grow up either. I wanna be 17 forever...

Love you
word: eurgial

Cate said...

I just called to say I love you....
And: Are you gonna burn the CD with the photos from the party for me? :-)
BTW, Mr B. [Politics] shouted at me that my homework was total crap when I met him in the corridor today ^^
Love you!
word: mantents - like Manatees ^^

ellie said...

Cool post. I don't think Emily gets enough recognition. I'm not sure why I wanted her to be Ellie in my story. I guess I kept thinking wouldn't it be cool if this actoress was in something more grown up than a kids show. Although, my main theme in the beginning was to be about a girl who didn't know she was actually pretty and who was falling in love with someone still in middle school..and then it evolved.

Cate said...

I watched Metro Station - "Seventeen Forever" Music Video!
Isn't one of the band members Trace Cyrus, Miley's brother? Oh, I'm just reading that he's adopted...
By the way, I'll call you [or you'll call me] about the cinema? Already decided on what we'd watch? "He's Just Not That Into You" would be cool! Especially for Valentine's Day, haha.
I like the song, again ^^
Maybe see you tomorrow!

word: cogino.. Reminds me of "conejo"

Cate said...

Have fun today at the cinema!
OMG, did we have Politics homework?
You're right, we have to start doing it. And tomorrow we can really talk about meeting up. Are you free on Tuesday, accidentally? We could get bagels again and test your mum's bagel slicer!
I'm really not looking forward to Monday, except Maths.
Well well.
word: charloc - I have a cardigan from a brand named Chaloc ^^

Cate said...

Hey Tabbi!
Oh, now you're going to Dublin after all? You really have to tell me tomorrow WHO makes those difficulties. I'm really curious ^^
See you tomorrow!