Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't suppose I'll ever know what it means to be a man, something I can't change, I'll live around it

I'm back from my ski-trip, now I will tell you all about it (So if you don't wanna know about it scroll waaaaaay down or just ignore this post =P). While reading you can listen to this song (and to know more about this song scroll down): 

  • Friday: The bus left at 8pm from our town, it was a double decker, and there already was a class from another town in it. The interior of the bus was kinda strange, it had neon-green light and transparent rails xD. We really had fun for the first few hours, me and two friends of mine wasted our time by singing along to music, making a music quiz by guessing what the others were lip-syncing, dancing, talking a.s.o. At midnight we called a friend because it was her birthday and sang for her. The rest of the journey was spent with sleeping, if possible, because the driver stopped every three hours and wanted everyone to leave the bus for half an hour so that was pretty annoying - and cold. 
  • Saturday: We arrived at 5:30 in the morning, the driver unloaded our luggage and left. There we stood, on the parking lot, with our luggage in the cold in front of the hostel at 5:30 am. Our first welcomer was some drunk student who thought and shouted we were albanian-germans (wtf?), he could barely walk. In fact, nobody could, because there was so much ice. Our teacher told us that the other class still hadn't left their rooms and that there were too many people in the dining hall so we had to wait. After a while we could go into the dining hall, leaving the luggage and three of us outside to watch it (We changed every now and then, of course). We had some breakfast and waited a loooong time (again trying to make time go by faster by playing cards etc), until 12 or something, had lunch and could finally move into our rooms. In our room we were five pupils and had 3 loft beds. After having taken a shower I felt like a whole new person =)...Since we still had the whole afternoon to be filled with activities, most of us decided to take a walk through the village where we lived. When my friends and I passed a bus stop we spontaneously decided to go to Innsbruck, that's a city in Austria a little bigger than the town I live in. With the help of many super-friendly Austrian we made our way to Innsbruck (by bus and by train), went shopping there (more for food than for anything else), had some coffee and went back. 

  • us in Innsbruck
  • That trip was really fun and definitely a good idea because Saturday was our only free day and nobody made it to Innsbruck afterwards. 
  • The next day was our first skiing day, we got up at 7 am, changed into our skiing clothes, had breakfast, got the ski-shoes and the skis they gave us the day before and took the bus to Kaltenbach, the skiing area where we woud spend the next 6 days skiing. Our first tries on skis were kinda easy, everybody was able to more or less do the first few maneuvers so we divided into groups (1 advanced and 3 beginners-groups) and headed to something the skiers call "the idiots-hill". It's not a real slope, but steep enough to move forward =). We stayed there for the whole morning, tried ot different types of lifts and had lunch (gross). In the afternoon our group went to ski on our first real slope, a blue one (it's like levels: blue="easy"; red=hard; black=really hard). We were all excited and a little scared at the same time but I think we all did a good job for our first time being on skis. At the end we went down another blue slope and there I had my first fall: Going straight forward, I had to much speed, way too much speed for my taste (on the first day), and there was a skier in front of me, going reeeaaally slow. Not really knowing how to change direction, I hectically decided on hitting the wall of snow next to me. I don't know how I fell, I just know that I was lying there, skis next to me stuck in the snow and the skier who was in front of me lookind down on me from above and asking me if I was okay. I had to laugh so much, it really felt like a movie scene! That wouldn't be my last fall, of course...
  • Monday we stayed in our groups, this time we went straight to the blue slope, practising turns, curves, dragging and slowing down. Everybody learned pretty fast, but as we were going in one line, like a caterpillar, it was one falling down = the one behind him falling down. It didn't hurt but must have looked hilarious! 
  •  Tuesday we devided into new groups. Again we had the advanced ones, same people, then we had the advanced/beginners-group, and two more beginners groups. I was lucky to be in the advanced/beginners group, we were four people, and we had two teachers, the sister of one of our teachers and her husband, an american guy (so we ended up having bilingual skiing lessons). We started with a new blue slope which was a little steeper than the ones before and then started with our first red one. The aim was to keep the skis parallel, because as a beginner you start moving with the tips of the skis turned towards each other (that makes you go slower). The two were great teachers and we had small groups of two, imagine how good it was to learn to ski like that. We spent all day like this, takind different lifts to different red slopes. 
  • Wednesday we had the same groups and while going down all these red slopes which were partly steep, partly a little flatter I had to concentrate so much that I didn't even realize how steep it actually was, so when we stopped in a row at the end of a steep part, the american guy (I won't say names here) suddenly said "Hey, look what did guys just went down!" So we loked up and saw this really steep part (at least it seemed so, for us as beginners) which as black-red! I think we gained some more ski/self-confidence during these two days. After dinner we went sledding...we were all excited and looking forward to this fun-activity, well, we thought it was gonna be fun! We took a sleds in pairs of two and started walking to the sledding hill (it was an extra sledding-track). And we walked, walked and walked...every once in a while our teacher said "Ten more minutes to go!" He went on like that for an total maybe 1 1/2 hours...1 1/2 hours of pure torture! With aching muscles after a 6-hour-day of skiing we made our way up...most of us kept their mouth shutt, others got really angry and started to complain loudly - that was really annoying. I took snow form firs every few metres because I was so thirsty. When we finally arrived at the  top everybody burst out in whoohoing and shouting xD Going down was fun (especially when you have to go in curves but you don't know where the track and where the abyss is ^^), but the walking was not worth it. Having reached the bottom of the hill, one teacher started a snowball fight, the only good part of our trip. Somehow, this teacher was so fast none of us could go after him for revenge, he just disappeared somewhere in the dark. When he came back I surprise him by hitting him with a fat snowball in his face, with the consequence of him throwing himself onto my back down in the snow and pushing loads of snow in my face - ugly feeling, I couldn't even breathe xD. But my ski-mates were already there for revenge. We continued the fight for a while and when we ended I was all white =)
  • Thursday was tyring as we felt the walk from the day before in our muscles and in the afternoon the teacher (who started the fight) took us to a whole new slope, in another skiing area actually, with a red slope being so steep it wasn't fun anymore. In the afternoons the slopes are all undulating and icy so you just slither down sideways sometimes. I was so done that, on one steep part my legs just crocked up. It's good that snow is so soft =) My friend even managed to fall, do two loops without breaking anything - looked scary and hilarious at the same time. I think at skiing you can have the most amazing without (mostly) having serious injuries xD It just looks worse than it feels.
  • Friday was the "big" exam, which was going down a red-blue slope with the teachers watching us. After that we were free to go anywhere we wanted to. SOme friends of mine went to some easy red slopes, one had borrowed a snowboard on Thursday and now taught himself how to snowboard - learning by doing. He fell pretty hard sometimes but always got up. In the afternoon we went down to te valley and into some aprés ski bar, you know, the ones with the horrible music xD It was so much fun, we were dancing and singing along and just having so much fun. We went to a disco/bar later that evening, in the village, we were like the only ones dancing there...and went to bed at 2 am. 
  • Saturday was our journey back, that meant getting up at 6 am, having breakfast at 6:30 and waiting in the diing room again until 10 am. The time in the bus was boring, exhausting and tyring, but we still had our laughs. 
So...that was my ski-trip, I enjoyed it really much and I wouldn't have thought that skiing is so much fun. Next time, I'll try snowboarding! =) I'll upload the phots seperately because blooger is traing to upset me right now X/

Today's title is taken from Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls, which you've already listened to (above). It's one of my favourite songs and it has been ever since I found my dad's Goo Goo Dolls CD. I love the CD, I love the band and I really love this song.
This guy made a pretty good copy...I don't like his mimics though ;-)


Cate said...

That drunk student sounds funny ^^
Poor you, you had to wait so long...
haha, I never take showers on school trips, I'm always afraid I'll miss something ^^ Oh! Did I tell too much now? :D
Wow, you must have had pretty much time when you could do a spontaneous trip to Innsbruck!!
The Idiots-hill, LOL!
lunch=gross=LOL ^^
Whose was the sister with the American guy? Was it the sister of one of the teachers from our school or one of the ski teachers from there??
Once I went sledding with my uncle and we were on the same sled and he just fell down halfway the sledding track and I didn't notice and as soon as I noticed I fell down too and the sled went down without us ^^
What grade did you get on the skiing then?

Oh, I don't really know anymore what the "trigger" to start my blog was. It was several things, I think, but Hairspray made me love the 60s style even more ^^

Love you!
word: ighti - Igitt

Anonymous said...

I LOVE GOO GOO DOLLS! This is one of their best songs :)

Haha, this post made me laugh and smirk ^^
You're funny.