Thursday, March 12, 2009

Too bad for you, you just can't find the right companion

I don't really have time to write much, but here's a funny video from the All-American Rejects. It just came up on my "suggestion" list on youtube. It is a cover/parody of Womanizer by Britney Spears and even though it sounds kinda annoying I thought it's hilarious. Watch out for the guy with the bottles in the back!


Cate said...

Okay, a Womanizer parody, I want to watch that.
And I have one song by the All-American Rejects which I like.
Ohh, that's an emo version, so slow and quiet. Haha. And it sounds a bit sailor-like with the accordion.
I noticed the Britney video playing in the back, and I must say the video is really bad with Britney in the sauna. I don't have anything against the song, it's cool to dance to, but of course it's understood that it's no good music.
Oh, I completely forgot to pay attention to that bloke with the bottles... I have to do that now.. Hah. His facial expression when he says "wooo!" is hilarious. and the singer's facial expression during the bridge is funny too.
Ha, and the "yahoo!" shout at the end was what cracked me up most. Incidentally, I posted somethign Britney-related too today.
Love you,
Word: bledlei -reminds me of gilmore Girls.

lawa said...

haha hilarious