Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who knows what could happen, do what you do just keep on laughing, one things true: There's always a brand new day

This is only an Update Post because I don't have too much time these days:
So as you can see I haven't been blogging for the last few days, it's because schoo started again and it's 3 books I still have to read and there's homework to be done and I have to go to my rugby training...I know, sounds like a super-full schedule but it isn't that bad actually. My goal (remember?) was to enjoy life more is being achieved until now, I meet friends more often and I see things a little more relaxed. This week has been stressful though, because I'm going to Austria with school on Friday and I'm busy tyding up my room, packing my stuff aso. I also had to get some material for skiing, like special glasses etc. I'm sure we will all look totaly hilarious, wearing several layers of clothes...Some have been asking me what shoes I'm gonna wear, because they only have sneakers, well, I will wear my mom's moonboots because even though I don't like how they look they're the only shoes that will really keep my feet warm and dry and that's what it's all about!
Furthermore, I went to a birthday party n Friday which was fun, and we didn't leave until 2 am and the metro would leave at 2:30 am so we just walked to the city centre and lasted 30 minutes. We were 4 persons and I definitely wouldn't have walked through those streets alone...there were some strange persons walking around!
On Saturday I had a "celebration"-thing (it really was an X-mas party, late!) with my rugby team and we played a game in the forest and we were running around for like 3 hours until we were reeeaaally tired, we went to a restaurant in the zoo, after that I went straight home (which was around the corner, haha!) and landed in my beloved bed, half-dead. 
Today is a big soccer match, Hannover 96 (thats "us") vs. AC Milano. That means David Beckham, Ronaldinho, Kaká and Co. I'm going with my family, friends of the family and a friend of mine, we're 8 or 9 people in total. That's going to be so much fun. Before that I have sports, the last two lessons of my skiing classes (I know you can't teach skiing in a hall, we're inline-skating and running around instead :-S). 
So that's the update, and so I won't forget here are some things I wanted to blog about:
  • Surf's up movie
  • Surf's up OST
  • The Endless Summer
  • The one and only bagel-slicer xD
  • my new hoodies, haha
  • Hook me up - The Veronicas
  • My ski-trip to Austria
  • There's nothing left to lose - Fo Fighters
  • Dizzy up the girl - Goo Goo Dolls
  • The better life - 3 Doors Down
  • How to...Plan a surf trip
a.s.o....oh, yeah, the Bush-nightmare is over, I hope, Obama has already blocked and undone some of Bush's latest laws (which weren't legal yet). He stoped many Guantanamo orders...we'll see how he'll do with his new job.
About the surf mom really allowed me to go! YAY! But I did some research and I think I'm not gonna go to Vieux Boucau, but t Moliets, that's near. After getting information from the camp organization, it seems that the people at Moliets have more experience and that there will be more people going there than to Vieux. So it's Moliets! Wohoo! I do have more plans about that, I'll tell you next time!
To be continued...XOXO (I feel like Gossip Girl hahaha)

Today's title was taken from Who knows by Avril Lavigne. I was a huge fan of her back than, my friend and I even counted down to the release of Under my skin. I still like her (who cares about her changing by the way, everybody changes!!) but I'm not a fan anymore.


Cate said...

haha, I would wear moonboots too! I actually like them! I've been meaning to ask you forever: You took pictures at the party, didn't you? Could you burn some of them on CD for me?? That would be really nice!
Wow, you're so lucky to go to that football match. I'll watch it on my TV today :D

YAY for the surf camp!!!!

And wanna meet up someday, then we can try out the bagel-slicer and we can make a vanidoso-Zac video!!!
word: cronatio - a disease!

♫ Vii ♫ said...

Looks like ur life is pretty fun.
even if its too much things to do.

do u play rugby ??
Oh, thats relee cool.
I've seen that match on starsport or ESPN.

but I couldn't find the real game here. cause nobody's in Indonesia play rugby. ;(

thanks for visit and comment on my blog. I'll give u more information about our cultures.

I rele hope u like all of my posts.
*keep visit and comment to my blog. :)