Sunday, January 11, 2009

Don't think that you can ignore us, don't tell me that we're to blame. Don't pick our future for us or act like we're the same.

Weekend's over, again. There were many things to be done and I had a great time these days =)
On Friday was my dad's birthday, my sister and I made a cake for him but lasted too long so we decided to not eat it until Saturday. In the evening I went to a friend's and we had a karaoke session which was very funny.
On Saturday we finally ate the cake, it was delicious (it had to be as my sister and I really suffered doing it - there weren't any chopped hazelnuts so we had to roast, peel and chop them...), then I went to the city centre. I spend 4 hours shopping and wandering around...tyring but fun at the same time. I really enjoy to go shopping on my own because I have the freedom to look around as long as I want without boring anybody. I do like to go shopping with friends, too. 
What bought was a hoodie, as you can read on the right hand side I like hoodies, and this one is funny. I didn't take a photo of it yet so I'll show it to you in the next post. 
I also wanted to buy some shoes which were really cheap, brown sneakers, but my size was already sold out =(. I know, it's not the time for brown sneakers now, first of all because it's freezing outside and second because the new trend is colorful sneakers (have a look at and you'll see ;-P), but I already have some: My Vans (which are mainly black though), they have turquoise laces and skulls in all different colors on the sides and another pair (not Vans) that are blue and yellow. A friend of mine has Nike sneakers, they are so cool, and he designed them himself on the internet. 
Today I met a friend for breakfast at our favorite café/bar, for the rest of the day I just hung out at home. I didnt't even get myself to the stadium to see tonights hockey match. I'm a bad fan =P
I played Singstar with my sister instead, an we decided on buying Guitar hero tomorrow. This is going to be so much fun!
On friday something I had been waiting for a week arrived:

This beautiful metal sign, called "Surf shack". You and me are already getting used to the mirrored images due to my macbook's photobooth-programme ;-) The roadsigns say things like "Newport", "Oahu, Hawaii" a.s.o. The colors and boards are so beautiful! This sign is going to have a special place in my room, I haven't decided on which one yet.
My mom's birthday present has also arrived on Saturday, I will show it to you next time. Now I'm just going to bed because I am really tired...don't exactly know of what I am tired, I haven't done anything the whole day!

Oh, I almost forgot: There was a big earthquake in Costa Rica, 6,2 strength...I saw videos on youtube and it really scared me, 15-20 people have died already, some are missing, over a hundred people are stuck in a hotel and on a mountain where there are houses. One highway broke and 15 km of i have just vanished. Some mountains look like cut and many houses and bridges broke. I tried to reach my hostfam but they wouldn't answer the phnoe. I really hope this is only because they went out or maybe theres no electricity, that often happens. I'll keep thinking that nothing has happened to them because they live in a quite save region. But whats save for an earthquake? I hope they answer my emails soon.

Today's title was taken from Thanks for nothing by Sum 41 from my favourite Sum 41 album Does this look infected?.


Cate said...

Wow, say happy belated birthday to your dad! That cake must have been awesome.
AAnd I think I know what Karaoke-session you meant ^^ Wish I coulda been there too...
Have I seen your new hoodie yet? I don't think so! [I THINK I would have noticed ^^]
I luv your vans with the turquoise laces :D
AHH, that#s the metal sign!! It's really cool! And I can see your hands ^^
Word: milythib - a disease!
Love you!

Cate said...

Haha if you won't make seeing the films before going to Austria then it doesn't matter that I forgot them today ;D When are you leaving for Austria?
Have you become a Twilight-fan? :D
Love you and see you tonight (my dad said I should be at home before midnight :( :( :( )
Word: dizabi - sounds like an African capital city ;D

Siska said...

schönes foto!

Cate said...

Hey Tabbi!
How long did you stay at the party yesterday? I was so sorry that I couldn't stay longer...
See you on Monday! I can't wait for my birthday either! Maybe the Jugendoffizier will come ;D LOL.
word: bismou - sounds French ^^
And "orases" reminded me of "Horacio" :D

♫ Vii ♫ said...

that surf shack is very cool.

I wanna hace one. :)

Cate said...

Tabbi, I wanted to thank you once again for making my birthday P-E-R-F-E-C-T. It was the best birthday of my life. Really. I feature photos of the presents you guys gave me on the blog!! I think the CD you gave me was really sweet, the one with the songs that remind you of our friendship!!
I love you much,
word: hopar - is this a Spanish verb? ^^

♫ Vii ♫ said...

thx for ur comment. :)

of course that'll be great to live in natural place.
It makes brain work faster. :)

Is costa rica is a wonderful place?