Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm gonna make it bend and break, say a prayer but let the good times roll, in case God doesn't show

First day of school in 2009 is over. I only had 4 lesseon anyways, 2 of English and 2 of Spanish. Both were quite boring. Our new topic in English is "The American South" which I think is interesting. We're going to talk about "from slavery to civil rights" and about "the new South" which is about today's life in the south of the USA. In Spanish our topic for this semester is "Él y ella en el teatro español" (He and her in spanish plays)...that is uh...not so interesting. We'll see. 
When I got back from school I didn't feel my fingers and toes anymore and I looked like Rudolph (the reindeer) because it still is very cold outside. The ice hasn't gone yet and you have to be careful as hell to not fall down. Anyone going by bike these days might either not have been in Germany for the last 6 days or he/she has gone mad.
Then I went shopping with my mum, I bought 50 blank CD's and a note pad for school because I liked the look of it.

It is mirrored again, but you can still see what it looks like. 
We also saw an oversized universal remote control, the buttons were as big as the finger tip of a thumb! There was also an oversized frog toy, and a cool ghetto blaster which had like a case to put and plug your mp3-player in and you can also listen to the radio or to CD's. It wasn't expensive but I already have a nice hi-fi system. 

As you can see I updated my profile. Most of the text was inspired by one of my favourite books: Surf Girl Roxy. It shows many fotos of the Roxy surf-team but also contains texts, interviews and stories. The book helps me everytime I miss the warmth and the sun and the sounds and the smell of the seaside. The photographs make you feel a little closer to the beach.
So I took that text which characterises the whole team and (mostly) modified it and added things so it fits my person. The last part of the text is from the song "Pocket full of stars".
Here are some more of my favourite lines in Surf Girl Roxy:

  • "But the honest truth is, the ocean scares the shit out of me. I don't trust myself to hold my own against something so...omnipotent. All those mysterious currents and swells and riptides and rocks and reefs... And that's only half of it! What about everything swimming around you (unfriendly locals, bodyboarders, tourists, kids, old men in Speedos...) and underneath you (sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, sea snakes, giant squid, runaway kelp, poisonous...things)? Surfing may be fun, but it's hard and scary and dangerous, too. [...] These girls are the most fearless versions of themselves. They make me want to become a more fearless version of me. [...] You don't necessarily have to surf to learn something from them. We can all seek a little more danger in life. We can all take more pleasure in simple moments. And we can all test our own waters, seeking a connetion to, a lesson from, something larger than ourselves    -Natalie Linden (she isn't a surfer but wrote the texts in the book)
  • "The ocean never lets you down. It might surprise you, or frighten you, or challenge you, but it's always there for you. [...] You can get to know it, but you can never 100 % predict it. Some days the swell will come up faster than you could ever imagine, and you'll have to battle your way outside. You'll take waves over the head over and over again, barely able to catch your breath. You'll be scared and tired, but you can't give up. If you give up in the ocean, you'll never walk out of it. So you keep paddling, keep thinking, keep moving. You find your inner reserves. And when you make it up to the lineup, you've never been so grateful. You have accepted what the ocean has offered you, and you've proven yourself in the process. It's a metaphor for life."
  • "There are so many different boards, so many different waves and everything, it's like, it's always a new rush. Every morning, I'm just so stoked to get out in the water. Jumping out of my skin. I surf until I can't paddle, or think of doing anything else. Then I go in, relax, chill out, and count down the hours until I can go do it again. That's how it is. I'm an addict. I love it so much it's crazy."
  • "Just be active. Care. Smile when you mean it. Fight for what you love. Doesn't matter if it's surfing or soccer or painting or Greenpeace. It'll show."
  • "There is so much freedom in letting go of fear. On one trip, VK and Rachael took the Jet Ski out for a spin. VK had never driven one before, and she gunned it. They were going so fast, they looked like cartoon characters, cheeks flapping and legs flying everywhere. They hit a swell, ate shit, but they were laughing so hard they almost drowned. [...] You can see it right away in a person: that they're not afraid, or at least not enough to keep them from trying something new."
  • "If the surf is up, we're out three times a day, and spend the rest of the time laughing. If there aren't any waves, we spend the whole time laughing."
  • "The ocean always keeps you on check. Whenever you get cocky, you can count on Mother Nature to slap you in the face and say "Hello, I'm the boss, in case you forgot". [...] Ultimately, I just think life is all about the moment in front of you. I can only get to my future by living through everything in between, so I might as well make the most of every second. Love it as much as you can, or hate it as much as you have to, but just experience it for what it is." 
Hope you like it!

Today's title is taken from Thnks fr th mmrs by Fall Out Boy. Funny video by the way.


Cate said...

"Él y ella en el teatro español"?? How come I haven't heard about that?? :( I should pay more attention. And history was not so bad, actually.. We watched a scene from a film called 'Der letzte Kaiser'.. It would have been better if we watched the whole film, but you know what teachers are like.. Our new topic is China!

Some of our teachers have gone mad. They still go by bike. *aaarghhhh*

That note pad is mirrored - like Zac Efron ^^ And it's really cool.

Your new profile text is really cool <3
ANd I'm going to burn the CD for you right nowww :)
Seeya first thing tomorrow!!
Love you and thanks for following my blog!
word: Oution - outloň is a kind of monkey in Czech ;-)

Cate said...

By the way, if you want to, I can borrow you the 'Love Actually' DVD!
I can't wait to hear feedback on the CD that you put together by the titles :)
Love you!
word: subukt - could be a Stadtteil ^^

Cate said...

'dein sal' - haha, maybe it's like 'dein Salz' and they forgot the z... But that doesn't make any sense either ;-) Ohh... I have to watch Lizzie McGuire again soon too! I have the film and then the episodes on Video.. Did you watch the series or the film?
word: amusned

Anonymous said...

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