Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It came with the surf it came with a bang, and all across the board my friends felt the same

Today is the last day of my winter holidays, which is sad and great at the same time. Everytime school starts again after New Year's Day, I feel like the year is really starting right at that moment because my everyday life is just getting back to me.
I'm spending the day organizing my school stuff, cleaning my room while drinking Chai (my favourite tea) and copying music into my itunes - At the time I bought my new macbook I already had most of my CD's packed, and now I finally have some time to copy it all into my itunes. Until now I have 1550 songs, thats 201,4 days of music or 5,77 GB. And there's still a lot of music I didn't copy yet =) I also have a lot of old CD's in a box from when I was younger, I'm thinking about copying it into my itunes, but I guess I'll just take a few songs because most of the music I listened to sucks.
I also did myself a favour =P and bought the Surf's Up OST on itunes today. I bought it there because I only cared about the actual soundtrack and not the package - that's a lot cheaper. When I buy CD's of my favourite bands I like to have the original ones though.
So...I gotta say that this soundtrack was absolutely worth buying, not just for surf-fans but for everyone, it has 15 tracks of great music!! I can say that I have like 10 new favourite songs from now on and I'm not kidding! I love them all so much! Be prepared to read about and listen to the soundtrack soon and read, as I promised a looong time ago, the review about the Surf's up movie.
I also got the new The Veronicas album "Hook me up", I borrowed it from a friend. They really changed their sound a lot, you've got to get used to the electro-dance beats and their new "language" but it's actually not bad. Since the first album (which I like better) was more rock-pop, and the second is like pop-electro-dance, I wonder what the next one will be like. Too bad nobody knows them in Germany.

That's enough updates for today, tonight my friend is coming over and we'll go to the hockey-stadium to see a match. It's her first time ever to see a hockey game so I hope she likes it. It's not only about the sport but also a lot about the atmosphere which is amazing, I work there quite a lot and we're all like a big family, I'm always happy to see these people every week. But today I don't have to work so I'm taking my friend - we'll (try to) walk there (I live close to the stadium), hope we don't fall down like I did yesterday (haha) because this ice is e-v-i-l, let me tell you...;-)   -Cross your fingers!

Today's title was taken from Reggae got soul by 311. It's one of the tracks of the Surf's Up OST. 

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Cate said...

Hey, I alway at the beginning of a year think it's a new beginning too! It's convenient that this year, term starts at the same time as the new year, so you can forget the stuff you did last term and start afresh - you know what I mean ^^
Chai Tea, haha ^^
So, what music that sucks do you mean?
What is the new language of The Veronicas?
I'm listening to Everything I Own by Ken Boothe right now. Originally it was written by David Gates and it's about the death of his father, but ken Boothe transformed it into a love song.
I love the song Reggae Got Soul, I like the version by Toots and the Maytals best.
Word: flaboxa - that cracked me up!