Friday, January 2, 2009


Life is so ironical. I have just written a paragraph about the hawaiian guy who was so generous and fun we met in Costa Rica, and I went to the WOW surf (that's the surf shop we alway went to) website today just to see if anything had changed. It had: 
Lorenzo Bird has passed away. I don't know how or why, but it shocked me pretty much. I didn't even know him well, we met him only twice, but that was enough to know that he was such a great person. One of the very few people that make you have a great time and that let you know they help you anytime.
Now I will never be able to ask him. 
I will go back to that shop as soon as I get back to Costa Rica. And when I have enough money I will buy a board there. And show it to Erik in Puerto Rico!

R.I.P. Lorenzo Bird. 

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Cate said...

May he rest in peace.
Please accept my deepest sympathies.