Saturday, December 27, 2008

X-mas Part 2 and other stuff

Here's part 2 of my Christmas report. 

I also got the The Endless Summer 2 DVD, but my mom ordered it and it still hasn't arrived yet...can't wait to finally see it! The Endless Summer 1 was awsome, and people say that 2 is at least as good as the first one!

The little sparkling box on the left side is from my aunt, she put money in it. The bottle is filled with sweets and I got it yesterday at the hockey stadium.

This is what I got from a friend of our family yesterday, it's the movie Surf's up (YAY!) and a funny hot-water bag that kinda matches with the flask, don't you think? 

Next, I want to show you some amazing kids that I saw at the Ellen DeGeneres show, they're so talented that I'm starting to ask myself about why I haven't discovered mine...I mean, Ellen's got the talk-talent, the kids...well, see yourself, and I...just have to keep trying. We'll see. I just think to start at a young age is an advantage =)
The first one I want to show you is Jalen Testerman, a breakdancing kid...he's only six, Chris Brown should better watch out for him! I don't know why nobody recruited him for the youtube-dancebattle?!
Jalen says that it's important to look fresh. We'll take that advice! =)

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