Sunday, December 28, 2008

I wanna be the one to walk in the sun, oh girls, they wanna have fun

Yesterday I watched my new DVD Surf's up, but after a while I decided to go outside because the sun was shining and the sky was so blue it was practically asking me to come outside =)
I took my two skateboards and tried out the ground right in front of our apartment house. It's not that good, to be honest, not for a regular skateboard. It's plain but it has many little stones sticking out of the concrete. It's possible to ride it, still it is totally uncomfortable. I tried the street then, which felt a little "softer", but has to many holes and bumps and cars =) (No, I'm not picky!)
The sidewalk on the other side was okay. So I went forth and back, down the street (which is pretty long) and back again, tried the revert, which doesn't work as good as in the hall where we learned it of course, and after some time I just got tired of going down the same sreet again and again. So I too my longboard. Due to the big, soft weels it's no problem at all riding over rough or bumby bottom or even one with little holes in it, but as you can imagine its not really exciting going forth and back with it, either. I tried to go full speed with it, alomost bumped into a biker, then practised turns and figured my next longboard should have a bent tail so I can turn more easily. Then I was thinking about The Endless Summer because of the longboards, back then they only had these huge boards, and the thing you did (and still do today) most of the times was trying to walk on it while riding the wave. I wanted to try that on my skateboard since it was pretty long and very flexible =) It worked! After a few tries I managed to walk to the front and back again. I did a Hang Five xD, if that exixts in skate language ;-) I think I will continue improving that on my longboard. 

Here's the next whiz kid, Quinn Sullivan. He's six and he's a guitarist. Watch him play Twist and shout by the Beatles! I found another video of him playing on stage with Buddy Guy.

And I guess where today's title is taken from is not that hard to figure out ;-)

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Cate said...

Hey Tabbi!
I know what song today's title is taken from, haha ;-) Which version do you have? The one by Cyndi Lauper?
The weather's become really cold, hasn't it? It's great!
I can almost imagine riding a longboard, the way you describe it! LOL at bumping into a biker ^^ I almost knocked an old man on a bike off his vehicle once, and I was ON FOOT! :)
Wow, Quinn Sullivan's guitar playing is amazing!! And the expression on that blonde woman's face is funny ^^ He seems more intelligent than the woman. He's going to be something like Hendrix. The woman doesn't probably know what a Gibson ES 335 Guitar is. She had to read it off a piece of paper ^^
Buddy Guy is COOL. And I like his hat. Quinn Sullivan must be irritated by Buddy Guy pointing his finger at him all the time ^^ It will only be a matter of time until he starts playing his guitar with his teeth. To be honest, I would be totally lost on that stage amongst all those adults o_O

I don't really have any plans for the rest of the holidays! I'd love to meet up! I can phone you tonight if you want, then we can fix up a meeting! Hey, do you want to sleep over at mine?

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