Monday, December 29, 2008

Well open up your mind and see like me, open up your plans and damn you're free

2008 was definitely a year of quite good music. I can't really decide on one song being my favourite song of the year...But I can tell you which one is my favourite video 2008: I'm yours -Jason Mraz.

It reminds me so much of Costa Rica, it really looks the same! 
When I heard the first few chords, I was like "Oh please, not another Jack Johnson-double!"...but the song is just great and catchy and the lyrics match with the sound. It does sound like Jack Johnson, but listen to Make it mine or Geek in pink and you'll see, he kinda has his own sound. 
itunes is giving aways music goodies from 26 december - 6 january, if you have an itunes account, you should definitely take advantage of that. They already gave me two music videos, Hot 'n' Cold by Katy Perry and That's not my name by The Ting Tings, one episode of a german TV Show and a package of three music videos of Jason Mraz: I'm yours, Geek in Pink and The Remedy (I don't worry), which I'm really happy about. I don't really care about The Ting Tings, neither about that episode, but hey, it was for free.
How do you like the video?

Today's title was taken from the same song's lyrics.


ellie said...

Oh..I do like the Ting Tings..Great DJ is my favorite.

Recently, I came across MGMT. I love their song Kids.

tokio hotel i've liked their stuff..for the most part, too...when I'm in the mood for it. Black, if you won't to dabble in some hearty rock.

Have a great New YEAR!

Cate said...

I like this song! And from the photos you showed me it does look like Costa Rica! :) I like Jack Johnson too, so I don't have a problem with the sound being Jack Johnson-ish. I couldn't einsch├Ątzen Jason Mraz really well until now because the only song I knew by him was 'Curbside Prophet', and that had a different sound to it :) 'Geek in Pink', that sounds interesting! :)
I couldn't call you yesterdayzzz but I'll try and make it today, today I have time :)
Word: mologril - sounds like some obscure monster!

Cate said...

Oh, glad I helped you :)
Happy New Year, Tabbi! And I'll REALLY call you... I keep forgetting, sorry... But that has nothing to do with you, I really WANT to call you! :)
Word: phagi - reminds me of the Jungle Book for some reason.