Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cate post #2: Cat fight

Ok, so to put the story to an end, and so we all know all about disney girls xD, I'll post these two videos to show you the cat fight. Shame on me. Next time I post on disney girls I should shut down my blog xD

Hmmm...who's worse. I think they don't hate each other as much as their fans do now, IF they even hate each other. One word: promo - youtube is huge now.

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Cate said...

Thanks for another tribute post ^^ The girls in the first video are Selena Gomes and Demi Lovato, aren't they? They're so dumb ^^ So they're the two who're having a fight? And where does Miley come in? Oh ya I see. Miley's in the second video. And who is she with? Oh ya I see it all now. Miley reminds me of someone. I'll tell you who soon. I couldn't stand hanging out with girls like that. ewww.
By the way, I'm listening to your Xmas mix right now! Of course I stopped it to watch those videos.
Word: endands ^^ Hey this is cool. I can type it here and then just copy+paste it into the word verification box ^^ Oh no! I'm getting influenced by the dumb Disney girls!