Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So little time, so much to do...

As you might have noticed, I haven't been posting for a little while. That is because I (my family) am moving and the process is very stressfull and nerve-racking. So I guess I'll just wait a bit longer until all this is over - after it, you will get many new and interesting reports about surf, skate and Co., I promise! ;-)
See you then.

Title taken from So little time by Arkana. There was a show some years ago with the Olsen twins, which I really liked back then. It was called "So little time" and this song, was, of course, the theme song.

P.S.: The Bush-era is finally over! Make a toast on it, throw a party, scream out loud, say "HAHA!" or whatever to express your happiness - or you don't care at all, which I don't really think. I hope the american population has taken the right choice and no manipulating takes place! We'll see tomorrow. Cross your fingers.

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Cate said...

Oh I remember that Olsen show! I never actually watched it but I remember you and Annika were into it ^^ But I think I read a few of the books for the series. Was it the one with Riley and Chloe? And I like Obama!! Let's see how he can cope with the situation in America and the world. I heard that some people are speculating that he will be shot too, like Kennedy. Hm. Anyway, I have to write you an e-mail now because I have thought of another person who you can't manipulate by ignoring them!