Thursday, October 23, 2008


You all use youtube to watch your favourite music videos, get infos about your favourite actors/singers,watch other people/animals/whatever doing funny/stupid stuff or even upload your own videos...some people have even become famous through it.
But have you heard of the biggest dance battle in (youtube-) history?
It's  the ACDC vs. the M&M cru.
John M.Chu, director of the movie Step up 2 (the streets) and Adam Sevani (playing Moose in the movie) form the Adam/Chu Dance Crew, ACDC, and challenge the Miley & Mandy show, which had been going on for a while on youtube. So they post their first video, the 1st challenge, with very impressing dance moves and stunts, asking M&M to accept the challenge:

The rules: There are no rules. You can "recruit" any person you want to. Which made the battle even better, as you will see in the following videos!
So, M&M set up a crew - which I guess wasn't difficult because Mandy is a professional dancer. The response was posted 3 days after the challengers' and features Step up 1 stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. 

For the next video, ACDC even made a teaser to announce themselves.
As promised, they release their fight-back. This video is insane, and they took the chance to let people such as Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Adam Sandler and Chris Brown have their sequences. Even the famous Jabbawockeez dance crew joined. ACDC has gotten its own shirts and makes it pretty hard for M&M Cru to keep up with them. I love the Mario-element in 4:22 XD

Next, M&M announce their 2nd response with a teaser, but that video can't be found on youtube anymore. Who knows why. 
Maybe you have seen the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, I have, and I was laughing about the dance battle Mike Myers and Chris Brown were having in one part. Now I know where the inspiation came rom: This youtube battle! Look at the colours, Mike's shirt (It's like Adam's!) and as I read, many dancers participating in this show are either members of M&M cru or ACDC.
So here's the response. The number of M&M cru members has definitely increased, Ryan Seacrest and the Step Up 1 cast joins.

With a final video, ACDC announces a live battle and tells M&M to get more ice cream ;-)

And here is the final battle at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards. The M&M cru won, due to the applause of the people in the room. Hm. I don't think that was a fair decision, ACDC was better, not "even" LL "Cool" J helped. What do you think?

"The battle is over...but the war is not!". ACDC challenges M&M cru once more: Who sells more T-Shirts? All profit has to be donated do a charity of their choice.
Watch it here.
All in all, this was really fun to watch and shows us once again that youtube has gained a certain power. You might start the next skateboarding contest there! =)


Cate said...

Dammit it wouldn't let me comment yesterday :( Well, I haven't heard about the YouTube dance battle before, but now I have! Duh. It's really fun to watch. I'll make a post today, with photos and say thanks to your mum from me for the magazine photos!! Will we see each other tomorrow? Yeah, in Spanish! Our presentation is so gonna KICK ASS! Love you! By the way, you have to tell me the story about your computer tomorrow.

Cate said...

Talking of YouTube: I've put up a new video.

Cate said...

ohh that's cool that they still paint everything on walls in costa rica! I hope you get all the stuff you want for Christmas... I think I'll ask for the new Kate Moss perfume, and then a bunch of CDs and DVDs ^^
luv you

Cate said...

I laughed out loud when I read your comment - you're just as funny as Mr.B! Have you been to Prague? Because you said you remembered walking thru the streets in the last picture? Or did I misunderstand you?
BOO! ^^
Luv ya!

Cate said...

Oh right, I had forgotten that.. But now you're saying it, of course I remember! Yeah, it's like that. In Prague a car with a German Kennzeichen - it's broken into immediately. But it's better now. In the 90s, our car was broken into twice in 24 hours. By now, the Czechs have better cars than we have (we have a total Schrottkarre), so they don't need to break into our car anymore.
Seeya tomorrow!
Luv ya