Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey hey now, can you take it, and we all cry when they all die blonde

So now we finally moved, I am almost done with unpacking my stuff so I have time to post again - even though I still have some exams to pass (at least I hope so) but I can't really study or prepare myself or them because it's Ethics, English and Spanish...
Last Saturday I went to take these skating classes I told you about and it was really great. I learned a lot! 
When we got there, we kinda felt embarrassed because they were all so much younger then we were, and our "coach" was younger than us I guess, maximum as old as I am...
But soon we got "over it" =P, put on helmets and protectors for anything you should be protecting when you learn to skate, that's head (as I said, helmets!), elbows, knees and wrists. Well, as we had to find out they were really helpful, despite the fact that we looked pretty funny =)
So we started with things like how to stand on a board and just pushing/moving. Then we practised to turn the board around 180° without letting the wheels go up in the air. Nobody was able to do so at the beginning. 
After that we went to the first ramp, we lined up like 3-4 metres in front of it and each had to move towards the ramp, go up the ramp a bit and then come back, roll a bit and do the 180° turn to get into the right position again (because, imagine going up the ramp, and you're standing with the left foot in front, then you come back and roll backwards, the wrong foot is in front, so you have to turn the board around). During the first tries we got help from our "coach" to grab confidence and then he let us try alone. We did that for a pretty long time until we managed to to the 180° turn more or less.
After achieving this, we went to a thing, I don't really know how to describe it...just imagine a ramp, just going straight up, with a height of about 1,5 m, then a straight platform for 2 m, a mini ramp (1 m) again going straight up and on the top there was enough room for all of us to stand on it. First we only went down the first ramp, which was faster than before of course, and I was a little scared, like everybody, so we got "help" again (they we're runnig down next to us in case we fell down - that helped a lot, really!). On the opposite side there was another ramp after about 2-3 metres, so with the speed we got from rolling down we had to go up that ramp, roll back again and do the turn. One coach (who taught the other group) told us that this 180° turn is called revert. So I can proudly say that I learned my fist trick that has an actual name: Revert ;-)

This is the best video of a revert I could found on youtube. It's a simple trick, but it's a trick =)
After having grabbed enough confidence and going down the ramp without help, we included the second ramp, too. Same thing, you just had to slow down a bit after going down the first one to not lose the balance because of too much speed. That was really fun, and while we waited until it was our turn again we practised the ollie (jumping) on the top of the ramp-thing (podest/platform/whatever). But nobody could X/. I have to practise that!
The last exercise was another straight ramp, but it was about 2 metres high and not as short as the other two...we were all totally scared and when the guy told us to bend our knees properly because the metal "edge" ramp on the opposite side (which we automatically had to go up using the drive of the first ramp) was a bit out of shape, nobody wanted to be the first to go down. So he picked the little boy with the big ego xD and then we all went down. And it was so great! I fell down once, but it didn't hurt because I was totally protected ;-) I just didn't wanna stop going down that ramp...but time was up, which didn't mean that we had to leave, but it meant that the hall was officially opened and suddenly full of inline-skaters, other skateboarders and BMX-people (especially they, who of course used the whole hall at once because you can't just go into one halfpipe with a bike). So we continued practising for another hour, trying to not get in the way of anybody, which was difficult though and then went home. 
When I was home I realized that I had just been skating for 4 hours without having had a break and my legs and feet hurt like hell. But I learned so much and I really lost my fear of ramps (at least the ones up to 2-2,5 m XD) - they are like a rollercoaster: at the top you get this scary feeling, but as soon as you go down you feel totally happy and full of adrenaline. 
It's a bummer that it has been raining every single afternoon since Saturday and I haven't been able to practice (the hall is so far away from my home!)
Well...can't wait for summer to begin (okay...winter hasn't even started yet =P)!

For the next post I have been planning to do a travel - special about surf trips, inspired by Surfers Magazine (Germany). Keep reading!

PS.: Today's title is from Stacked actors by Foo Fighters. Take a look at the lyrics!

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Annie said...

hey...by the way..our skate "coach" was like 14...i dunno if ive alrady told you...but i waschecking the site and he was onit...14...if the sites up to date...aaargh...