Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I've gotta roll the dice - never look back and never think twice

So - I got the longboard! After I picked it up I went home, and on my way I always have to go down a very long street, so I tried out the board (you know, riding a board that I never stood on, I thought it was better to just go straight at first).
As soon as I made the first push, I was totally amazed! Riding on a longboard is just awsome...you push once and you feel like you're moving at least 100m! Of course, it is not like that, but it was really fast. It is totally easy to maneuver, much easier than my "normal" skateboard, and you can hop on it, it cushions and the wood is also really elastic.
To put it short: I love my new skateboard!

Now to the facts to expand our knowledge ;-P:

Longboards are skateboards with a longer and mostly wider shape and cannot be used like a normal skateboard when it comes to tricks. As far as I know, there are very few ones that make Ollies (jumping) etc. possible, but even with those the capability is limited.
The softer wheels make it possible to adapt to rough streets as well as many other terrains, the fact that the wheels are much bigger than usual ones provide speed.
Longboarding is often said to be like surfing on the street, well, I think it is at least much more similar to surfing than skating on my smaller board - the shape and design of the board of course reminds me a lot of a surfboard.
Wikipedia tell us that longboards have a length between 90 and 150 cm. Mine is 105 cm long, and I have to say it is long enough/just right. I wouldn't know how to manage a 150cm-board =D
If you have a closer look, the board I got looks pretty used, it has colour stains and the grip tape is already disappearing. But the used look is one more reason why i like this board so much. It just the same with jeans =)
You can also see that the nose (the front part, you can see it on the left side) is bend down towards the ground,

I don't know why that is because neither the surfboards nor normal skateboards I have seen have this shape. But the solution of this question is already in process so keep looking for my response in ne of the following posts.
If you know me personally, you might also try my new board out as well, it is fun!

Todays title is taken from the theme song of the wrestling show WWE. I'm not a wrestling fan at all, but the song was on a CD one of my classmates in Costa Rica gave me and I really like it. You can listen to it here.


Cate said...

Gosh I bet I would scream all the time, riding a longboard ^^ But you're good at skating, I'm not. I did it once and I fell down all the time ^^
Haha a 150-cm board would be almost as long as I am ^^
LOL I like the board because of it's "used" look too.
As you know, I fucked Maths up. But thanks for the chocolate <3 <3
And I talked to Mr.G, and he said he had a better impression of me from the m√ľndliche Mitarbeit and I hope the next exam will be better!!!! I'LL START LEARNING TODAY!!!

Cate said...

Yeah I'm not upset about Maths anymore. I'm only curious about how many points I'll actually get in the end ^^ one or two or three or four - four would be nice.

Ah stupid about Biology. But yeah, do a presentation, improve your oral grade! Fight against biology! You're gonna win the fight ^^

Gah I'm totally tired from yesterday.-
love you!