Monday, October 6, 2008


Ok I must confess I never wanted to post such an idiot-title, but sorry, I can't help it, oday was just great. Since I was already home from school at 10 am, I went to "IKEA" (guess you know it, if not, Google!) and there was a totally stylish room with a "skate/vans off the wall" theme, and they had this really cool idea to even give an ugly accomodation for shoes just the best look, but it wasn't actually used for shoes, they put surf and skate magazines in there. I guess you can hardly imagine what it is supposed to look like, but I may be using that idea for my new room so you might soonly see what I mean.
Second, I'm getting a longboard! For free! Not a surfer's longboard, it's a skate-longboard, I always wanted to have one. A longboard costs like 200 € so I'm pretty lucky a skateshop-owner said I could have his'. I'm taking it up tomorrow afternoon, take photos and tell you all about it.
Oh happy day... ;-)

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Cate said...

Who doesn't know IKEA? ^^ I was home from school at 10 today too (that's why I'm sitting at the computer, I have to study for Maths!!!)
Seems you had a great day!
Seeya later in Seminarfach :-/
YOu have your presentation, don't you?