Friday, October 17, 2008

If I could be like that I would give anything just to live one day in those shoes

As you can probably remember I recently posted about kite-surfing classes I was going to take. Well, they are finally over and I can only say - for sure - that I'd rather stick to wave riding, skateboarding and maybe snowboarding if I ever got the chance to learn it. 
We started on Monday, there was a little wind coming up, but safety's first, so our teacher told us everything about how the kite is built, how to inflate it, deflate it, how to not get confused with all the strings a.s.o. He talked on and on for like two hours, and it was really hard to keep everything he said in my head. 
Then we went up and got changed, into the beloved wetsuits (did I mention I really like warm water so I don't have to wear those things?) and ran down again to the lake. The wind was really weak - still, we went out. So, the teacher got the kite up, and he asked each of us to control it and to not let it fall down. We all let it crash =)
So the next step was to go get a kite and practise in groups of two. That's pretty much what we did for the rest of the time (including the following day). Sometimes I had it up in the air, but mostly not. That also depended a lot on the wind, which wasn't present all the time.
In the evening I was tired, like the everybody, we ate, then some of us sat down by the huge TV they had in the shop, and watched a kite-surfing DVD. It was on for like 1 1/2 hours, and we all got bored and everybody was running around in the shop looking at all the boards (they really look like wakeboards!) and shirts and stuff. I even found a few surfboards standing around, one, the coolest one, was hanging from the ceiling...yeah.
Then I found a better film, "Young guns 2" by Quiksilver, haha, so I just put it in. It was great, but short. After that we went to bed, I was in a room with a few girls that also took kite-surfing classes, but they were more advanced.
The next day there was no wind at all, we went down, checked, no wind, so we built up the equipment. Went up again, had our theory lesson, did a theory test, went down and tried to mock the non-existent wind =) It didn't work. But I learned how to do a relaunch! And I know all of the theory.
The sad thing is that I didn't even make it to the board, only one of the group who had taken kitesurfing classes before - he for like 5 metres. 
As you can see, kite-surfing is kind of (even though the guy said kiting was the easiest, and wave riding the most difficult of all boad sports) hard to learn, at least it was for me and my group. The fact that there was no wind made it even harder. I guess it's much fun when you finally get to ride the board...but I think I will just continue improving my surfing and skateboarding skills. I don't have to be good at everything.
But at least I tried it out, and now I can say that I don't wanna do it and I have arguments for that ;-) (You guys should try it out though, you might be an undiscovered talent!)

Today's title is taken from the song "Be like that" by 3 Doors Down. The album "The Better Life" is one of my Dad's treasures =)
You can see the Surf-Movie Quiksilver Young Guns 2 in parts on youtube here

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