Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Wave surfing

Hey guys,
since I am having a politics test tomorrow and I have to study, I will just show you a few videos of big wave surfing today.

When I started to watch this one, I was like, "woah, that wave is gonna be huge.". Then, when it came up, I thought, "is this animated?" and when there was only white water on the screen "he's dead." but he wasn't, he was even still standing on that damn board. woah.

Laird Hamilton. The man is great. These waves look insane, especially the one in 0:35. Look at the speed he has!

Talking about big waves one shouldn't forget about Pipeline! I wouldn't wanna wipe out out there...o.O

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Cate said...

Woah that first video is pretty impressive. I mean, I don't understand anything about surfing, but it looks cool.

WOoooooooooooooah in the second video those waves at 0:35 and 0:34!!!! But there are huuuuge waves throughout the whole video!

LOL in the third video I like the "big surf" sign! The way all those guys fall from the board in that video in the beginning.... oh, i wouldn't like that to happen to me. but the guy in the ending is awesome.

Is there something like "synchronsurfen"?