Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sum 41 - Half hour of power

I already told you that I am also presenting you music on this blog, so I am going to start with my favourite band: SUM 41.
Sum 41 was "founded" on July 31, 1996 which is 41 days into summer - that's where the name comes from. Current members are Deryck Whibley (Bizzy D), lead singer and guitarist (you might know him as Avril Lavigne's husband), Jason McCaslin (Cone), bass guitarist and Steve Jocz (Stevo 32), drummer and lead singer of Sum 41's alter-ego band "Pain for pleasure". He also played drums for Avril Lavigne's album "The best damn thing". One of the former members but, I guess, the most famous one is Dave Baksh (Brownsound). He was the lead guitarist. Now he is in a some metal band he formed himself called "Brown Brigade".
So far they have released 6 albums, one of them is a concert record.
The first one I am presenting you is the first one that was published (in 2000) - Half hour of power.

  1. Grab the devil by the horns (and f*** him up the ass) is kind of the intro, a short (1 minute) instrumental. Normally, I only listen to the intro of a CD once or twice, but this one is actually fun to hear!
  2. Machine Gun - well...I guess this song doesn't have a very deep background or something like that... It's just about how he makes his day after a drunk night. You could also add that it's very fast-going so you should probably not listen to it at a high volume having a day like described in the song.
  3. What I believe is one of my favourites of this album. It's fast, and is fun to sing along. The interpretation is left to every single listener.
  4. THT (Tables have turned) is quite short, fast, and not easy to understand. So I just decided to show you a live version - it's kind of the same referring to the easiness of understanding ;-) Good to listen to it when you're really angry at someone!
  5. Makes no difference was the first song to be released and there are many versions of videos. First, the "normal" one, starring Sum on a private party. I think that one is pretty boring and main-stream. Then, there's a second version which was actually the first video for that song. It's a compilation of parts of short films the band made for fun, e.g. stealing pizza armed with water pistols, shooting people with water pistols while riding in a car etc. Sum 41 also filmed themselves dancing a choreography to that song on a public parking-lot. You can see that on one of their bonus-DVD's. or just click on my link ;-)
  6. Summer can be found on 2 albums: This one and "All Killer no Filler" (the 2nd one). Like many other earlier Sum 41 - songs, it is fast, not that long, but still great and I still listen to it a lot.
  7. 32 ways to die begins with the last word of "summer" and then breaks out into a drummer solo, later on supported by guitars, showing Stevo 32's skills. (look at the song's name, then look at Stevo's name)
  8. Second chance for Max Headroom - hm...I was always wondering what the name "Max Headroom" has to do with the text, so I finally searched it in Google and found out that Max Headroom was a character in a "science-fiction-fantasy" TV show, that has been set off very early because nobody watched it. Unlike in the title of the song, they didn't give it a second chance.
  9. Dave's posessed hair/What we're all about are two songs in one song. Dave's possessed hair - I really like the politics-critizising text, but what the hell happened with Dave's hair? "What we're all about" makes much more sense - each song member presents itself. The song has its own video, which is really funny, but, like a youtube-watcher said, "it is amazingly BAD - in a good way though." Maybe the fact that they're playing upside-down is a "small" hint to Spiderman jumping through this video ;-)
  10. Ride the chariot to the devil - another instrumental
  11. Another time around - Sometimes, I am asking myself exactly the same questions mentioned in the song. I know thinking about it doesn't change anything, but I still do. The rest of the almost 7 minutes of the song is just silence to make the HALF HOUR OF POWER complete ;-P
So, what's up with you, what's up with me? Did you like it? If you are living near me and if you know me and if you did like the album I will be glad to "lend it to you" to express it legally, you know what I mean =)

I love Sum 41 and describing and presenting this album made me love this band even more, haha. Or is it their videos? Or is it their sense for logic ;-)?
"What I do is what I chose, which makes it my decision." Ok, now that is logic...

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