Monday, September 29, 2008

There are more than only one dream to dream of

I have the desperate need to surf...just one single wave would be enough to get the stress out of my head...since that is quite impossible until next year (earliest would be spring o.O) I found a different way to board in some way =)
First, I will take kite surfing classes in vaccations (autumn). That'll be two days, but all day long and at the end you do a test and if you pass you get a licence. You can only kite-surf if you have that license in Germany. Yeah, that's Germany. It kinda makes sense though. Is it like that in other countries?
Second, I'm taking skateboarding classes in november. I wanted to do that much earlier (like 2 years ago) but was never able to because there were to few people. Seems like that problem is eliminated as other board-interested people have been found ;-)
Actually, I was never that interested in kite surfing, but when a friend asked me to take the classes I was just like "Whatever, you never know"...and last but not least, it's a sport that incudes a board and water, haha!
And skateboarding, well, I kinda have a certain "history" in that sport, let's just say I wanna improve my skills - a lot.
So I'm totally looking forward to these courses and I hope that I will soon get together enough money to buy a surfboard so the only problem will jsut just be to travel around to spots. But that shouldn't be a big problem, living in Europe. France is near! It is just about the money, like always! =)

PS.:In GoldenRide Magazine (I already told you about that) there's an article about the Les Ettes snowboard-teamriders Anne-Flore Marxer, Jenny Jones and Lisa Filzmoser. They went to a surfcamp in Biarritz, France and they really had fun. So, to all the snowboarders out there, try it out! Same goes to you, surfers.

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Cate said...

wow, that kite surfing thing does sound really cool. what a shame you can only use the license in germany though.

And yay! More magazine pictures! You're really helping my collection! Say hello and thanks to your mum from me, ok?
And I'd just love it if I got famous on YouTube - like Neil Cicierega ^^