Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tandem surfing

Yesterday, I posted some videos about big wave surfing, and in the third one, you can see two guys riding the same wave synchronously. So Cate asked in her comment if something like "synchronal surfing" exists. I think that there isn't such thing, especially because most waves only breaks into one direction, never heard of it, but that doesn't count as a response, so I searched it in the internet - and didn't find anything. So if anyone has infos on that - please tell us!
But, there is another form of surfing that has now been oficially accepted by the international olympic comitee: tandem surfing!

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Cate said...

WOW! Looks really acrobatic! I'd like to be the one that is lifted into the air ^^ but I bet it takes A LOT of practice. I like these surfing videos, with just the music in the background.
So interesting that the woman in the second video is an ice-skater! It's right, it reminds me of ice-skating figures a lot!
The news ansager are so much more "real" than in germany ^^