Friday, December 5, 2008

Take my picture by the pool 'cause I'm the next big thing!

Wow! My very last exam in 2008 is over, no more presentations, nothing...I was even planning on skipping maths today but I ran into my teachers arms so I had to go xD But I had a blast, these were the funniest two math lessons I've ever had.
A movie review is soon to come, I saw the movie "Surf's up"a few days ago, you know, the animated one with the surfing penguins. I didn't believe my sister when she told me that it is totally hilarious, but I admit...I love it! I will watch it one more time though to give you a good review.
I also went to see Madagascar 2 today, because I loved the first one, but it was kinda disappointing even though I didn't have high expectations - everybody knows most 2nd parts of a successfull movie are lame...
There were good parts though, for example - SPOILERS!!! - that Marty, the zebra, has like a million identical twins and the penguins get together with the two intelligent monkeys to repair a plane, it ends up with a bunch of monkeys protesting and marching for maternity leave (there were only male workers) and the penguins as the bosses claiming that they just wouldn't let themselves be overruled by some stupid communists. Good one =)
So be prepared for "Surf's up", right now I'm watching the terribly bad "Camp Rock" movie, I can even say that it's much worse than High School Musical. See yourselves:

Somebody please tell the guy his pants are too tight...

PS.: Title taken from Beverly Hills by Weezer, love the song!


Cate said...

Ew, I wouldn't really like to run into your Maths teacher's arms =/ And yeah! Let's celebrate about NO MORE EXAMS!!! Cool, I can't wait for the film review. Crap about Madagascar, but well... Successor movies are nearly always lame, as you said.. Marty has a million identical twins? Cool! I like Marty best from the Madagascar characters! But.. doesn't the identical twins part remind you of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 too, with all the little Jack Sparrows?
Haha, monkeys on maternity leave ^^
Haaaaahaaa Camp Rock ^^ I always find these films hilarious. But I didn't think the last High School Musical was THAT bad.
I like the Weezer video & song. The party in the video is cool!

About Ireland: 500€ is really too much - but what are you gonna do now? He can't just cancel the trip, can he? Maybe he can just choose a hotel that's cheaper or something! Because I can't imagine that that's the cheapest one can get in Ireland, I mean - we're going to Italy for A WEEK and we're paying about 300€ with breakfast and dinner! If anything goes wrong, we'll smuggle you to Italy in our suitcases ^^
Have a wonderful Nikolaustag! ^^
much luv

Cate said...

So if Mr. F cancels your trip to Ireland, what will happen then? Won't you have any trip at all? Or will you organize something else?
It's right, all those Disney films are the same.. The story is always kinda lame.. But I actually kinda liked HSM3. Disney films are the only films where I don't have problems re-recognizing the characters because everyone is so different and 'stilisiert'..
Okay, what about we meet up sometime again, then we can watch Camp Rock? I think I've read a BOOK about Camp Rock somewhen--- OMG o_O
So, hope you had fun at the rugby-Xmas party!