Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Surfspot: Boca Barranca, Puntarenas

A really great spot. Point Break, direction:left. Ground: plain rocks and sand. As you can see on the photos there are a lot of waves to surf at the time. You didn't get the wave?Just take the one behind! Since there are many locals you should be watching out for the surfers in the many waves that could hit you, and don't forget NOT to take too many waves as locals ALWAYS are first ("Voy YO!). If they let you take a wave, don't think, take it and surf all the beach long: the waves are up to 1 km long (see big photo). You can easily find Boca Barranca, it's near Puntarenas City and located on a river mouth, so watch out for crocodiles ;-) The ugly thing is that you have to enter through the river/walk over rocks and stones ( the dark brown parts you can see) that cut you feet badly (my experience). I suggest to bring a pair of cheap Flip Flops (yes, they should be cheap because the won't last much time alone on the beach!). Always be friendly to the locals, they will be glad to tell you where to pass =)


Cate said...

that sounds interesting! you have become a real surfer dude ;-)

angbu said...

oh, scheinbar gehören die wellen doch nicht allen :-P

Tabbi said...

doch, nur dass die locales vorfahrt haben. rechts vor links gilt auch im meer. wer naeher dran ist wo die welle bricht hat vorfahrt, ausser er schreit rueber du kannst sie haben. locals haben das gleiche rehct, nur da isses egal wo die sind.