Friday, February 29, 2008

I proudly present: A beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars

  1. Attack
  2. A beautiful lie

  3. The kill

  4. Was it a dream?

  5. The fantasy

  6. Saviour

  7. From yesterday

  8. The Story

  9. R-evolve

  10. A modern myth


Cate said...

aha new stuff!!! i'm currently listening to "ageless beauty" by stars on youtube but when that song's finished i'll check out the ones by 30 seconds to mars! i haven't heard of that band before but i'm curious what their music's like!

Tabbi said...

you havent heard of theM? WOW i thought theyre were famous in germany too! here they play their videos prewtty often. i really like "a beautiful lie" it kinda has a massage and the inuit at the beginning had me almost crying. we gotta do something, NOW!

cecilia-b said...

wuaaa, 30 seconds to mars! <3

love them!!!^^

Anonymous said...

They gave two amazing concerts here in Portugal, and I missed them twice...