Sunday, November 23, 2008

These are headstrong crazy days when your mind's made up and the music plays

I had my English exam today, that was 3 hours of writing a summary, an essay and a letter, so I'm actually tired of writing much right now =)
That is also the reasonfor why I'm going to post my travel-special later, instead I'll show you something very cool I found in the internet yesterday and it might interest all of the surfer- and/or skatergirls out there or those ho just want to try it out some day.
First of all, Carissa Moore's online journal is online again. When I was bored I just typed in her site to see if anything had changed - and there it was. She is not with Roxy anymore! Sad. I love Roxy and I love Carissa Moore. But one has to make changes in life and she had been with Roxy for like forever, her whole surfing-career, which is 8 years (and she's only 16!), and now she signed up with Red Bull and Nike 6.0 - not that bad either.
Second, I had a look at the little symbols on the right side, and found: A skateboard designed by her! It's a small longboard actually, and have a closer look: Do you see the trucks shining through?

This is so cool - a transparent skateboard deck! I've never seen that before!
The colours remind of her surfboards...
One day I am going to design my own board haha =)

Edit: I almost forgot - today's title was actually inspired by my sister because she listens to it so much I already know the lyrics: Headstrong by Ashley Tisdale. It's a catchy song, you listen to it once and it's stuck in your head.


Cate said...

Tcha English today actually sucked and when I was at your class it was great, but all the same I'm glad I'm not in your class - I would have sucked at that exam! You had to write a suicide-note, didn't you? That Carissa Moore girl seems a pretty cool person.
Oh ya, I know the Headstrong song. I listened to it once and when I read your title, it came back to me at once.
Seeya on Bagel-day! ;-)

Cate said...

Wow, I never knew you liked my white dress! Thank you! I have never seen you in a dress, actually...
See you tomorrow! <3

ellie said...

cool skateboards. hope you get some rest after that test.