Friday, September 26, 2008

GoldenRide Magazine

I am really happy to say that i finally found the (almost) perfect magazine for me.
It's called "GoldenRide - all girls boarding magazine" and includes surf, skate, snowboard and the style being connected to it. Apart from snowboard, I more or less practice these sports (as "much" as I can/cannot), but snowboarding is about to follow, that's just a matter of time ;-)
I really like the way of dressing that is mostly connected with these sports, and brands like Roxy, Rip Curl, Vans, O'Neill, Volcom, Etnies, Element etc are like paradise for me - an expensive one.
That is actually the reason for why I still haven't bought all of their clothes.
But back to the magazine: This month's issue was mainly about snowboarding, as the temperatures are decreasing rapidly. First, I was kind of disappointed about that (snowboard-thing), but then I decided to just keep on reading everything because, who knows, next year I might already be looking out for everything that has to do with snowboarding and just can't let go of it - just like surfing.
I don't know why, but any kinds of board sports totally fascinate me.
The issue also covers articles about a big skate event in Prague and one in Basel, and about Joy Monahan, a longboard surfer who made it to the top without the support of sponsors - which I thought was rather impossible.
The part I liked most about this issue is the parts showing the clothes. Unfortunately I don't have the money to afford them...

Here are my favorites:

Vans Slip-Ons. I really like the colours on the black background. In the magazine, they put them together with brown clothes which I think looks very good.

"Jameson" by Etnies. Love them. It's a shame that in my town almost nobody sells Etnies shoes, and when they're sold, it's boys shoes.

Vans again ("No Skool 2 Mid"). I actually saw them in a store in the centre, but I just don't have the money to buy any pair of shoes right now.

"Data" by DC. It's a snow jacket. As a snowboarder, I guess this one would be part of my "snow-jacket-faves-list"

The things you see here are mainly shoes, because I just couldn't find the hoodies, jackets a.s.o. in the internet to show it to you. Maybe I'll connect the scanner to my computer some day to make this happen...I'm kinda tired of typing in clothes name into Google =)

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