Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ella ella eh eh eh

...okay, you all know it: Umbrella. And most of you are sick and tired of it. I am, too, by Rihanna's version. But recently, when I watched "The Hills" on MTV, I heard a new version and I loved it. I searched more on youtube and found another one. Both are great, but I like Marie Digby's best. What do you think?

This is Marie Digby's version. She put this video on Youtube and got a contract with Hollywood Records.

and this is Alejandro Monzano's (from Boyce Avenue) version, I didn't know this band before, and haven't heard any of their songs yet, but this one is good.

By the way, "the Hills" is a series on MTV, if you watched "Laguna Beach: The real OC" before, you can now see how Lauren's life continues (The Hills is a spin-off of Laguna Beach). It has 5 seasons so far, and if there isn't a 6th season following, there is another spin-off planned! Love it =)


Anonymous said...

I like Vanilla Sky's version.
It is kind of ridiculous, but way better than Rihanna's. :D

Cate said...

i agree with Rasp. you know, i kind of like this song again - but not the version by rihanna, that i am really tired of ^^