Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today, I'm going to present you some websites I really like:

Retrolifestyle - My friend Cate's blog. She writes about almost anything, mostly about fashion, but also about music, movie's...etc. Take a look at it, I really enjoy reading her blog and you get to know a lot =)

Villa Kunterbunt - My mom's blog, about anything you could think of!

Vaios' Blog - Take a look at Vaios' life! It's the blog I got a lot of ideas from...e.g. the musical horoscope ;-)

Kopfschuettelblog - Hilarious conversations between women and men....

UPEACE - The university for peace, created by the UN


mama said...

meine güte, ich war jetzt mal auf vaios blog - der hammer - ich muss unbedingt wissen, wie verschiedene features gehen. musik geht an, playlist etc. toll!

mama said...

...und cate's blog - wahnsinn - ich bin begeistert!

Tabbi said...

siehste die hammerblogs =)